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Holistic Body Design offers a wide variety natural preventative and healing services to help you feel happy and healthy. Many people believe that pills, surgery or other modern remedies are necessary to their health, but Heather is here to show you ancient medical practices that have been used to heal and increase energy for centuries. Voted the best massage therapist in Flagstaff for multiple years, Heather is an expert at listening to your needs and finding a way to heal them. Before helping people in Flagstaff, Heather spent 20 years in San Francisco training and learning the practices. To find a happy and pain free alternative to short term medications call (928) 814-9600.



Holistic is a widely used term. When it is being used in association to health, it is more than physical well-being. It is the ability to heal or be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Heather focuses on natural holistic body health, which is why she offers many types of remedies to achieve this. Alternative medicine is quickly becoming a lifestyle to many! Through massage, physiotherapy, body work, yoga, and holistic healing, you have the opportunity to improve your quality of life.

Better Sleep
Clearer Thinking
Absent of Disease
Improved Blood Pressure
Increased Energy
Healthier Appearance
Feeling of Well Being
And More


“Heather’s work is more than a massage, it changed my life” - By Dr. Edie Copley, nominated for a Grammy
Hearing this at Holistic Body Design is an everyday experience. Sessions are tailored made. It’s where a client learns the skill of how to listen to their own heart’s desire, how to reshape muscles that need sorting of confused alignment along with the mind’s ability to be a healing-tool in collaboration. We use imagery and hypnotherapy and POWERFUL energy movement through meridians. This is facilitated by a practitioner who has been pulling together at least 16 different techniques over 35 years in private practice that blend into a profound treatment “like no other!” (We hear this comment everyday.)
“Heather was awesome. I always get a calming feeling before my sessions with her. I’ve had massages that seemed very mechanical,
Heather has a flow that goes from one area to the next that compliments the chi flow in the body, being a Martial Artist myself I understand the importance of this.
My first session with Heather she found my “guarded” (Tension points) areas right away, she able to release those areas by finding the root of the
problem rather than press on the areas that were hurting. Heather is very familiar and respectful of native culture, the spruce trees planted around her house were welcoming and comforting. My sessions with Heather always seem to end too quickly, during our sessions as I finally started to let go of my tension I felt I was in a room with in a room of comfort and relaxation. I highly recommend Heather and Holistic Bodywork Design”

White Crane Kung Fu
Sifu Donovan Charley
“I am writing this letter in recommendations for Heather Bostian, massage therapist of The Holistic Body Works Design. I have been getting massages from Heather and her work is very amazing. The first time I went to see her I was very happy I made that appointment. She does a very different style of massages and honestly, I have to say, she has healed my injuries in one session. Knee problems and shoulder problems. I was very happy to have met her. I continue to see her because I know she has the spiritual energy to heal. I felt that right when I walked into her office. 
One of her healing practices is similar to our Native cultural healing and it’s a really good thing because I know she must have learned from the best teachers to know what she is doing. Very good energy and I highly recommend her work. 
As a Native individual, I believe not to be prejudice in any way of healing. We get healed we accept creators healers to do their job. I am so thankful to have met Heather.

Iva Honyestewa
“It is with great pleasure I am writing to you on behalf of Heather Bostian, whom I have known for approximately over a year. I first met Heather when I booked a medical massage appointment with her after hearing from my husband what a great experience he had. I was post-partum about 2 years and still struggling with pelvic pain, lower back tightness and hip discomfort at the time of our first appointment. She worked on me one time and the effects were felt immediately! Being in the health industry, I utilized every resource I had to help me with my pain, which bothered me on a daily basis and began to affect my emotional health as I was finding little relief. As a Native American who practices my traditional beliefs, I also found it helpful to know that Heather was willing to listen to how we were handling my issues from a spiritual perspective and then chose to work with me by honoring those methods during my sessions with her. 
Over time, she has helped me significantly reduce pain in all three areas and improved my range of motion in my back and hip joints. Her guidance and willingness to listen in order to get to the root of the problem has been helpful for me as I am realizing that my physical pain is closely related to my emotional and spiritual pains as well. I am grateful to Heather for being this type of practitioner. She has taught me what a massage is truly capable of and I always feel more educated and motivated to work on my health after each time I am with her. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Heather for whatever opportunity she is pursuing. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 

Program Coordinator - Health Sciences
Brenda Charley
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