A Healthy Response to Covid-19

No matter the cause or effect of Coronavirus in your community, the bottom line is that we all have to be responsible for our own health. Take away a massage therapist as a “necessary” business, take away gyms, yoga studios. What do you have left? You have yourself. You have a strong sense of who you are. 

This situation caused a lot of trauma, and we need to de-traumatize from this lock down. So many are at-risk, and so many can work to prevent the risk of lung related illnesses. Just thinking of all those suffering makes me short of breath. So breathe deeply, releasing the sadness in your heart, and think of you. 

You have a core strength in breathing from our exercises. Your body, (your bellie!) is the power center to wellness and healing. 

The positive response of our community moves us; helping others, compassion and empathy are flourishing, and we are connecting differently than before. Take all the positive energy from the community and feel stronger than before the lock-down. 

Open your heart, your breathing, and your mind to open up our community again. Be fearless, and move forward the next step in life’s chapter. This transitional shift will continue. Let’s move with it, guiding ourselves for a longer journey. 

Many of us move with energy, through bodywork, and guide others to the same enlightenment. We call ourselves lightworkers, and our purpose is to fill positive light into the most fearful places. The biggest challenge of Covid-19 is helping others to feel positive and share the healing for situations like this. In some ways, it is what we’ve prepared for our entire lives.