What is Integrative Medicine?


What IS IM?

Integrative medicine is a medical therapy which combines alternative and conventional medicine.

Do you have to see a doctor for integrative medicine?

You should always seek a physician for medical advice, but there are many other ways of using integrative medicine.

What are some ways of self-practice in IM?

Some ways are lymph draining or stretching for muscles that seize and knot up

Integrative medicine is a way of life! Why take an aspirin for a headache when you can learn pressure points to relieve it?

Food is another way of healing - learning your body's language and healing from within is another type of medical therapy. "I have a 93 year old client who now does water aerobics every day... when I met her she was having issues with arthritis", Says Heather regarding the successes of integrative medicine. Of course, her client had a conventional hip replacement, but the healing process of adding in different foods, massage therapy, and breathe work, show Heather that these techniques are helping clients.