When One Of God's Kids Needs Healing...
He Sends Them To Heather Bostian...

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Heather is an EXPERT in Alternative Medicine of Human Health and Movement... thru using herbs, stimulating energy flow, manipulating tissue/joints/fiber into alignment, nutrition , and quieting the mind to physically heal the body and reduce llifestlye stress. Voted Flagstaff's BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST 2004 and 2005!


Rev. Heather Bostian
Certified Hypnotherapist

Phone: (928) 522-6004
Email: healyourself@aol.com
Doney Park Office
Flagstaff, AZ


"Being in Heather's caring hands puts me in touch with a LARGER WISDOM that RINGS TRUE with many of the thoughts and questions I have had in my life, something I DO NOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE"---Helen Sisk

"Heather's bodywork is so much more than a massage. She changed my whole life"---Dr. Edith Copley, NAU Music Dept.

"Heather is a magician of the body! Her Transformational Massage...challenged dysfunctional beliefs. She has an extraordinary capacity to see...misalignment of the body, mind and spirit with a knowing touch, a profound insight or a gentle reminder of the interconnection af all beings"---Sandy Dibbell-Hope, Ph.D.

"Heather knows exactly which areas of my body to work on in order to get the most benefit. It is sooo much more than just a massage! As I get to know my body better, I can feel the energies move and now
recognize it when my body get's 'stuck'. Her yoga classes are fantastic and she has given me a real solid foundation."--Monika Leuenberger, CTC, President/CEO, Avenues of the World Travel

"Supporting the women in claiming their new lives, she facilitated groups in...teaching Life Skills. Her approach was warm, welcoming and non-intrusive. Heather has many talents. She has a strong, calming influence with groups and indiviuals"---Paula McGuire, MA, MFTI, Coordinator of Women's Services, Chrysalis

"Before I found Heather I had been to many masssage therapists trying to alleviate painful upper back, neck and shoulder tension--so painful, in fact, that I would sometimes have to leave meetings almost in tears. None had the deep, lasting effects that Heather had. I feel like a new person! Supported by her magical hands I have made great strides in letting go....I have been constantly surprised at how much emotional gunk is held in the body. My mind is clearer and I feel much freer to pursue the life I want. I am now engaged and pregnant and open to new opportunities and to LIFE"---Dr. Denisha Dawson

"...Heather is a person I could trust and be vunerable with in order to finally address years of built up emotion and physical armoring which had been impacting my health: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually."---Laura Kroepal, MA, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist, Nationally Registered & Arizona State Licensed

"....So whether you are looking for therapeutic massage or something which also enhances emotional and spiritual growth, look no further-Heather Bostian is a MASTER of her ART."---Priya Drews, Meditation Instructor, Marketing Manager of New Frontiers (Flagstaff)

"I can only heal to the degree I am healed. As a psychotherapist, I want to be as effective as possible in facilitating and supporting my clients' progress and growth...Heather is a true gift in my life and I am blessed to be able to work with her regularly."---Sheila Wilson, MA, NCC, CPC, CSAC

"As a professsor carefully taught to valorize the mind over the body, Heather Bostian is skillfully balancing my imbalance, teaching me critical body literacy. Learning to listen to our bodies and honor their knowledge and guidance is crucial to all who seek to be fully present, vital human beings."---Carolyn White, PhD, Professor, NAU, Flagstaff

"...Heather knows exactly where to direct her healing energy and techniques to provide the greatest overall benefit. I leave each session feeling renewed and energized and relaxed-truly at peace with myself."---Debbie Kelley, AuD, CCC-A, Doctor of Audiology, Flagstaff & Sedona

"...Her hands seem magical, in that, she can spot a weaknes of discomfort and work the area until the pain disappears...thanks to Heather I now maintain a deep sense of the importance of life. I honestly feel like a new person."---Alph H. Secakuku, Hopi

"From the first session, you realize you have selected a massage professional who truly knows how to resolve your pain. Not only do you get your moneys worth, but a little piece of Heaven as well."---Kelly Reyes, Horsewoman, State Farm Insurance Agent, Flagstaff

"Thanks to Heather, life is easier, effortless, even my golf game has improved!"---Bob Montoya, Sun Mountain Real Estate, Member Board of Directors Flagstaff Hospital & Health Services



Spiritual Cleanse & Reconnect To Divine SourceAromatherapy Massage • Deep Swedish • Lymphatic Drainage •Transformative Breathwork
• Abdominal Release • Yoga Craniosacral • Myo-Fascial Deep Tissue • Chakra Energy Balance
• Reflexology • Chi Nei Tsang Tao & Myan Deep Abdominal Release
•Hypnotism To Stop Drug Abuse •CrainoSacral Therapy •Tragger/Polarity • Shiatsu, Lomi -lomi and THAI massage • Individual Yoga Classes Available

Yoga Classes Every Saturday 9AM
Canyon Dance Academy
2812 N Isabel St
(across from Coconino HS)

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